Kiko – Is It Any Good?

By Elle. 

In a word, YES.

Firstly, if you haven’t already jumped on the Kiko bandwagon – come on in! It’s fast become one of my favourite makeup brands due to its high-quality, low-cost products and stores that are a real treat to shop in. The online service is also excellent.

Here’s what I picked up on my last store visit…

 Everlasting Colour Precision Lip Liner in 414 – Marsala, £6.90


This creamy, muted strawberry shade is exactly what I’ve been searching for. Not quite a red, not quite a nude, but somewhere magical in between. I didn’t know it was called ‘Marsala’ until now and I don’t think that really describes the colour. Anyway. The formula is lovely – it glides on, yet still gives a matte result. At the other end of the pencil is a strange rubber blending thing, which actually works pretty well to spread the colour. Then, if you pop that off, there’s a little sharpener too – YES! Why don’t more brands offer this with pencils that can’t be sharpened the traditional way? I’ll definitely be snapping up more of these.

 Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 06 – Golden Brown, £6.90


I now have three of these and certainly don’t plan on stopping at that. They’re brilliant. Gorgeous, pigmented colours and a super-easy to apply formula. They rival the Charlotte Tilbury version for sure. Perfect when you don’t have time to wade through a million eye palettes – when I’m in a hurry I just scribble round the outer edges of my eyes and briefly blend with a small brush.

 Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation in 15 – Warm Beige, £6.90


Again, this is something I’ve repurchased several times now. It’s a lovely, moisturising, glowy foundation for dry skin. And so cheap! It was even on offer when I bought it – I paid £3.90!

Three top products for under £20. I ain’t mad at that.


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