Falling In Love With Christmas Again

By Riley.

As I’ve grown older I’ve found that actually, I’m not overly bothered about Christmas. The red/green colour combo is down there with my least favourites and the modern fluorescent purple take on proceedings makes me wish for testicles just so I can protest dramatically that the latter makes them recoil up into my stomach.

That being said – I don’t turn into a prick. I buy my gifts, I do the cards (read: write the cards and never post them), and I pretend that eating your last meal of the day at 3pm is a totally normal thing to do.

All things considered, I was a tough critic walking into the Not On The High Street Christmas show a couple of months back. Not only had I walked through the baking London sunshine to get to the venue, I found no comfort in reaching the tinsel at the end of the tunnel.

Then I walked in.

I don’t know if they’d slipped something in the welcome smoothie or if they’d just finally opened my eyes to what Christmas could be, but all of a sudden I was snapping my favourite parts of the room, taking notes of certain gifts that I knew would be perfect for nearest and dearest, and, well, not hating it. Who says I can’t have pineapple plates and gold cutlery on Christmas Day?!

I’ve no doubt that even the least enthusiastic Christmas shopper can find something they love on www.notonthehighstreet.com this year. Don’t believe me? Just imagine my 83-year-old gran loving life in this festive sweater…


Of Life & Lemons, £27.99

I rest my case. Not On The High Street – this is the start of something beautiful.


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