My New(est) Side Hustle

By Emilie.

So recently I started selling my s**t online.

I know I’m late to the party on this one. But hey, I’m always late to the party. I still haven’t seen Stranger Things, I’m only just contemplating ombre hair now, around three years after the rest of the world, and I’ve just got into selling stuff online. I KNOW RIGHT?

While everyone else in the world has been eBaying the s**t out their life for the past decade I’ve sat there going, oh gosh, I wish I could be bothered doing that. But all that taking pictures and uploading and sending stuff… nope. Just nope, not for me. Weekends are for lazing around and seeing friends and eating cheat meals, not running to the post office and fretting about parcel weights and envelope sizes. Aren’t they?

Well, I’ve done a complete one eighty on that. Whilst I was at my folks house over Christmas my mother raised the question of my wardrobe. The wardrobe that had enough clothes in it to kit out about a hundred people on their way to Narnia, probably. On inspection, I was actually pretty impressed by past Emilie’s choices. Of course there were some howlers in there, but there was actually a lot of stuff that looked pretty, well, nice. And that’s when the thought popped up in my head again. eBay.

Or not, as it happened. A quick google throws up a lot of moans about the site these days, for a whole load of reasons that I didn’t look into enough to explain. So that led me to delve a little bit further into the world of second hand selling, and to Depop and Vinted. The latter, in particular, looks like Instagram and all you have to do is snap a pic, upload some minimal details (sizing, pricing, whether it’s new or a bit, how shall we say, worn in) and you’re ready to go. So that’s what I did. I cleared out the only corner of my half-decorated house suitable to be seen online (no, really), added fairy lights, because everything looks better with fairy lights, clicked upload and waited.

I didn’t have to wait long. My first item sold after a couple of days, at full asking price, and my second a few days later. It seemed so easy, I wondered what I’d been doing all this time. Answers on a postcard please. In terms of cold hard cash, I’ve made just shy of £100 so far. So while I won’t be quitting the day job just yet, it is a nice extra bonus when you have an entire house to decorate (apart from the one nice corner, of course.)

But I haven’t even mentioned the buying part yet. With so many brands and so many uploads (several, daily, with notifications to your phone) it feels just like Asos – just cheaper. I’ve already picked up several bargains… a brand new pair of Nike Huaraches at £30, around a quarter of the price you’d pay in the shops, a lovely Ivy Park bra for half price, again, brand new, and a pretty kimono thing for a fiver. A FIVER! Yes, really.

If you take it seriously, I’m sure there’s a helluva lot of money to be made. Some people have thousands of followers and are uploading and selling new items every single day, turning their side hustle into a full time job.

So trust me, even if you think your old stuff is fugly, so fugly that you’re almost embarrassed to upload it. DON’T WORRY. Someone out there is gonna love it.

Vinted – My personal favourite – follow people to get first look at their uploads

Depop – LOADS of choice, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for something specific

Shpock – Good if you’re buying/selling a wide mix of products, not just clothes

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