This Saint Laurent Show Will Make You Reassess Your Entire Wardrobe

By Elle.

Last night’s Saint Laurent FW17 show ticked every single box on my ultimate-dream-aesthetic wishlist. The collection is a complete embodiment of that sexy, nonchalant Parisian bad bitch who glides over cobblestones in stilettos, eats croissants without considering the calories, and has hair that permanently looks like she’s just had a shag . If I was rich girl, I’d have a wardrobe full of Saint Laurent.

 Here are my favourite looks…

Embed from Getty Images

If I was forced to wear only one outfit for the rest of my life, this would be it. One could wear this on any occasion. Think about it – work, drinks, night out, date, funeral, gym (IT’S SHORTS).

Embed from Getty Images

I’m a sucker for a slouchy boot. And a leather skirt. And jumpers of all kinds. Plus this look is proportionally perfect.

Embed from Getty Images

Hi I’ll take five of these coats k thanks bye.

Embed from Getty Images

I love black. This would be perfect for one of those FASHUN funerals. Y’know, when attendees wear nets over their faces and shit.

Embed from Getty Images

Absolutely 100% making it my mission to source a tan biker jacket with black lining before they trickle down to Matalan. Ebay China, we good yeah?

Embed from Getty Images

And the boots that spawned a thousand Instas. I give it 3 weeks before Kimmy wears them to get fro-yo.

Anthony Vaccarello, thank you. You’ve reignited the fashion-fire in my belly. I’m off to have a huffy cry in front of my wardrobe, which now seems pitiful in comparison.

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