Red Carpet Round-up: Met Gala 2017

By Elle.

The Met Gala is my favourite of all red carpets. A-list basics try their hardest not to wear something boring, and those that genuinely live and breathe fashion get a proper chance to DRESS UP. This year’s theme was Comme Des Garcons — if ever there was a chance to go bold, it was now. And yet still…Kim Kardashian turned up in this:

Embed from Getty Images

Not good enough in my book. Here’s who did float my boat…


Embed from Getty Images

Finally, a reason to legitimately use YASSS KWEEN. Rihanna owned it — and actually wore Comme Des Garcons. The rich colours are so gorgeous on her. I even Googled who did the makeup because they absolutely deserve a namecheck: Lora Arellano, founder of Melt Cosmetics, created this v cool vivid blush. Apparently it’s called draping and I wanna try it.

Embed from Getty Images

Gigi Hadid

Embed from Getty Images

I don’t care for Gigi in the obsessive way everyone else seems to, but this is good. Very good. Although it’s Tommy Hilfiger, it fits the theme and gives her usual style a little edge — I’m very much enjoying the fishnet leg. I miss Zayn though.

Aymeline Valade

Embed from Getty Images

You know I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to include a French bird. And why would I when she looks this cool? This suit is exactly the type of thing I tell myself I’ll wear to the Christmas party and then never do because I’d look fucking ridiculous.

Cara Delevingne

Embed from Getty Images

Cara lost it for a little while, but this is a triumphant return to what she does best – sexy androgyny that’s just the right amount of punk too.  Say what you want about the hair, but this wouldn’t look nearly as good with her usual ‘do.

Halle Berry

Embed from Getty Images

I’ll be honest. What sold me on this was the fact it’s a dress AND trousers. It’s drousers. And if I had some, choosing a night-out ensemble would never cause me strife again.

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