Where To Shop When You’ve Exhausted ASOS…

By Elle.

Trust me, it’s possible. Just yesterday, I tirelessly scrolled through 1,456 dress results only to be left bereft with nothing but a wasted lunch hour to show for it. Here are some alternatives to bookmark under ‘emergency backup’ immediately…

Stradivarius sits under the Indetix umbrella, like Zara — always a good sign. I particularly rate their shoes and bags, but they also do a good line in basics like skinny trousers. Just don’t get upset when you discover a size 12 is called an xxxxxxxxl or something equally ridiculous.

Must buy: Slip-on loafers, £25.99


If, like me, you’re yet to cave and jump on the loafer bandwagon, these might just change your mind. I’m a sucker for a stud, and these avoid looking like a really shit Gucci tribute act.

Ok, so P&B is also under Indetix. I’d say their vibe is a bit more casual ­­— so not my first-stop for night-out attire, but great for outwear and holiday bits. Comparable with H&M price-wise, so good for pre-payday pick-me-ups.

 Must buy: Trench coat, £59.99

pull and bear

I think I’ve just found the trench I’ve been searching for since birth*. It’s the perfect shade of non-yellowy beige. The lapels aren’t too big. The sleeves are tapered. Bonus points for the styling here as it’s made me want the whole outfit.

*Well, near-enough.

Oh FFS. Bershka is also Indetix?! Anyway. It’s also another shop that’s yet to really cement itself in the UK outwith its London stores, so the website definitely comes in handy.

Must buy: Dress, £12.59


If you don’t buy this dress immediately, you are an idiot. In fact, you should probably buy two. Cost per wear will work out at approximately 0.000000000000000000007p.

I hope this has helped you continue to alleviate the stresses of life by buying shit you don’t need online.

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