10 Things I Learned In Milan

By Emilie. It’s a bustling, cultural city that’s also handily placed next to the beautiful Lake Como. Here are our top tips to make the most of your experience…

1) Milan is the home of The Last Supper. If you want to see it you either have to be really organised (tickets sell out months in advance) or be willing to part with a pretty hefty amount of cash to do one of those lame bus tours, which also happens to includes a ticket. As someone who did the latter, I’d recommend being organised.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 18.48.27It is rather breathtaking though, even if you’re not an art lover.

2) The first ever Prada shop is in Milan and it’s pretty cool. We didn’t go in, but we did loiter around outside and peer through the window in a Pretty Woman not-sure-if-we’re-allowed-to-go-in kind of way.

3) You’re gonna have to queue for everything. The Duomo, the Last Supper, the lift at your hotel. Get used to it, and pack a dose of patience to get your through.

4) The organised tours are not worth it. The tour to Lake Como that required getting up at an ungodly hour and costed nearly a hundred euros was all booked up, so we just took a train and went there ourselves. Much better.

18199545_10102150443671051_6720115904942277978_n5) Lake Como is as beautiful as it looks in those Nespresso adverts. We took a (very cheap) boat out onto the lake and enjoyed a peaceful half hour of not understanding a word the tour guide said. Something about George Clooney.

Also, it comes with its own hashtag these days [see below].

18221531_10102150443441511_4743021077633078635_n6) The metro is super handy. Quick, efficient and dirt cheap, it sure beats walking for miles in the heat.

7) A hotel with a pool and spa facilities is the perfect antidote to hours traipsing around the streets of Milan. Just don’t spend too much time looking at your pasta food baby.

8) Ah yes, the food. How did we get to point number eight without mentioning the food? The pasta, the wine, the tiramisu… it all lived up to the hype. We also stumbled upon a lovely waiter who specialised in free shots of Limoncello.

18199468_10102150443666061_3888945661572081247_n9) There are canals. You might even think you’re in Amsterdam for a moment.

10) Selfie sticks are actually charmingly functional. Bear with us here. After two days of double chins and weird up-the-nostril shots trying to cram four people into one photo, I caved and got a selfie stick. It was legit one of the best decisions I made.

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