The Miracle Brow Product That’s £2.99

By Elle.

Pretty sure this was an award for Best Brows Eva.

When I first decided to pluck my brows, aged 11, it was 1999. In other words — peak time for the skinny tadpole brow. I didn’t even inflict the damage myself — my mother did. Yup, she plucked them to oblivion after we promised each other not to tell my dad. They were fine, really…but fashion fades, and I’ve longed for bushier brows ever since.

I tried RapidBrow, which is expensive, and didn’t see much of a difference, so resigned myself to using pencils and gels to fake the perfect arch.

Then, quite suddenly, I noticed my lashes were looking a lot longer and fuller than usual. The only thing I could put it down to was the oil cleanser I’d been using — every night, I’d rub it right into my lashes to get my mascara off. Some research uncovered that the main ingredient was olive oil, but as I’d read somewhere that castor oil was good for making lashes and brows grow, I thought it must be worth a shot. So I bought a cheap little bottle off Amazon (try this one) and applied it religiously every night to my lashes and eyebrows.

Within a month, there was a marked difference. Especially in my lashes — they were fuller and longer, and there were even new little lashes growing out of my eyelids. It took perhaps another month for my brows to catch up — they also became fuller, with new fine hairs appearing too. I couldn’t believe it actually worked.


You hardly need any castor oil for this, so a small bottle has lasted me about a year so far and it’s still going strong. Apparently it’s brilliant for lots of other things too (Google it), so a pretty handy health and beauty staple to have in the cupboard.

Try it!


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