Here’s Who I’m Currently Stalking on Instagram…

By Elle.

Valentina — @valentina_muntoni

val 1

This woman is everything I’ve ever wanted to be and more — a bad bitch with a bangin’ bod, effortlessly sexy style and a creative eye that most ‘grammers can only dream of. In a nutshell, she travels the word being cool as fuck. Valentina co-founded online fashion brand Rat and Boa — I’m working myself up to buying something from it. Y’know, when I feel worthy enough lololololol.

val 2

Style Pantry — @stylepantry


Fash blogger Folake is the reason I’m trying so hard to introduce colour into my wardobe. I’m obsessed with her styling. Her use of bright, bold pieces is genius, and I love the fact that all her outfits are genuinely wearable and flattering for almost any woman. Also, read her bio — SHE’S 40 AND HAS 3 KIDS! A lot of her clothes are by her own brand, Loft324, which annoyingly doesn’t have a UK stockist.


Dupe That — @dupethat


Where do you go when you NEED to know if that NYX liquid lipstick is an actual contender for the Kat Von D one? Here. My favourite thing to do when struggling to fall asleep (apart from replay my worst moments in my head) is scroll through Dupethat’s endless lipstick swatches, weighing up which ones to buy. The account is run by ‘K’ and ‘L’ who happen to be cool and funny too.


Violette — @violette_fr

violette 3

Please permit me to use the term ‘girl crush’ just this once, cos Violet is mine. A French makeup artist who seemingly just throws on a red lip, ruffles her hair and walks into the Paris night to live out my dreams. She now has an amazing YouTube channel which provides the perfect antidote to the sea of dull influencers whose repertoire is limited to ‘contoured’ and ‘contoured to fuck’.



OK, now spill — who you stalkin’?


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