Review: The Ordinary Skincare – Worth the Hype?

By Elle.

I own far too many bottles and jars of disappointing half-used skincare products, so I waited a good few months before finally caving and buying some The Ordinary products. Another reason it took me so long was the rather overwhelming choice. While refreshing to have ingredients broken down properly for once, and simple does-what-it-says-on-the-tin names, it did make me spend ages trying to work out exactly what would be best for me.

My first port of call was Stephanie Nicole’s excellent in-depth video – find it here. Every time she described a product that suited my skin, I screengrabbed a pic. The Ordinary’s website also explains things pretty well – especially when it comes to what order to apply the products in.

My skin is dry and dehydrated but otherwise ok, bar the odd spot. Although recently I keep getting weird blocked pores on my nose, which I inevitably go Dr Pimple Popper on and end up with red marks.

The three products I ended up with are Glycolic Acid Toning Solution (£6.80), Buffet (£12.70) and Rosehip Seed Oil (£9). I ordered them online from because the glycolic toner was out of stock everywhere else. Service and delivery was great, so I’d definitely recommend.

On to the reviews…

Glycolic Acid Toning Solution, 240ml, £6.80


Feted as a cheaper alternative to the much-raved-about Pixi Glow Tonic (£18 for 250ml), this is the product I was most excited about trying. I’m using it nightly after cleansing with Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil – you just squeeze a little on to a cotton pad and wipe over your face, avoiding the eye area. I concentrate it on my T-zone, where I suffer most from dry skin and blocked pores. One little skoosh is enough for my whole face, so I’m hoping this bottle will last a while. The sting factor wasn’t as much as I was expecting – very mild in fact, but I don’t have sensitive skin. Straight away, my skin felt super-clean and soft.

Buffet, 30ml, £12.70 


This isn’t their cheapest product, but is billed as a great all-rounder, which appealed to me over trying to decide which vitamin C product to go for. It’s basically an anti-ageing serum. I apply this after using the glycolic toner. Again, I am impressed with how little you need – a 5p piece is enough for my whole face, and it sinks in beautifully. My skin immediately felt hydrated.

100% Organic Cold-pressed Rosehip Seed Oil, 30ml, £9


The Ordinary’s argan oil comes in at £5.90, considerably cheaper, but I opted for the rosehip due to its supposed benefits — hydration, evening skintone, and reducing spot scars and fine lines. Also, I’ve used the Trilogy Rosehip Oil (£19.50 for 20ml) in the past and my skin loved it. I apply a 5p piece to my whole face after Buffet. If you’re a bit scared of oils, don’t be — this one in particular absorbs really well, and I tend to see positive results within one use. Skin feels plumper and brighter in the morning.

UPDATE: After 1 week of following the above routine…

In the first few days, my skin looked the same. I’m impatient. I like instant results. But I continued, every night without fail, to follow the full routine… and it was completely worth it. The clogged pores on my nose have gone and my skin is even and clear. It looks fresher, brighter and, well – just better. It feels less dehydrated too and makeup is applying nicely.

So, I’m sticking to my new new routine – the products seem to be lasting well, so I’ll update this post again when they run out.

TLDR: Great products, excellent prices, results within a week – I’m impressed. 8/10.

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