Beauty review: Charlotte Tilbury Look in a Palette

By Elle.

Charlotte Tilbury could sell me anything. “Darrrling, you need this! Everbody needs a JML light-up handy hoover! It will make you look like a sex goddess from mars!” SOLD.

I’d be umming and aahing over what to buy from CT for ages, when a friend gave me a birthday gift voucher for – I could finally justify the price and dive in. After an eternity of lipstick swatch analysis, I went for a lipstick in Red Carpet Red. Annoyingly, the website fucked up and didn’t take the voucher off my total. Customer services were helpful and reallocated the amount to my online balance, but it left me with the same amount to spend again! Which turned out to be a beauty blessing as I didn’t like the lipstick. I’ve given it to Riley, so jury’s out to see if she liked it better.

And so to the actual point of this review – second time round, I put the money towards the Instant Look in a Palette in Beauty Glow, £49.00.

I’d forever been looking for a palette that housed everything I’d need for a work trip or holiday without having to take separate bronzers, blush, eyeshadow, etc., and this seemed ideal. There are a few shade options, but this was my favourite – bronzey, glowy goodness.

My initial impressions weren’t great – the compact was lovely and had a good mirror, but when I swatched the shades, I could barely see them!

This was done with a brush, and gone over several times. Ouch. I think we’ve all become a bit obsessed with pigmentation, and it doesn’t always equal quality or endurance, but this seemed really poor show for a £50 product.

Luckily, when I tried the whole palette on my actual face this morning, all was forgiven. The eyeshadows applied beautifully, with the ‘smoke’ shade in particular being really lovely. The ‘swish’ blusher shade is too dark for my skin tone, so I used it on my eyes instead – it’s actually much more useful that way anyway. I feel one blusher is enough – especially as the pink one is excellent and super-flattering. At first I felt the bronzer and highlighter weren’t strong enough. It was only when I’d finished my whole face and stood in a decent light to see it altogether that I saw how good the palette was – everything just worked so well together; I looked glowy and fresh, and my eyes look bright. It was a properly cohesive look – just as Charlotte markets her products, and it totally works.

The eyeshadows really complemented my brown eyes, but I think they’d do the same to any eye colour. I’m a little more reluctant to say the same for all skin tones. While the dark blusher that didn’t work on me would look amazing on medium to dark toned skin, I think the bronzer would be redundant. This is definitely a product that’s best tried in-store first.

All-in-all, I would recommend the palette, and think I’ll be investing in the full-size Filmstar Bronze and Glow for sure.




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