So I Finally Got A Hobby…

“Shit. I misspelled fleek.”

By Riley.

I never really pegged myself as one of those new year, new me folk… but this year decided it was time to invest more time in something for myself. Something measurable I could work on through the year that would give me a sense of accomplishment come December 31st.

Become a better person? Girl, please.
Up my fitness and improve my diet? But… cheesecake.

When both fell through the cracks, the choice was clear — CALLIGRAPHY. Because why the fuck not. Like most decisions made on the cusp of the new year, there’s a high risk that it’ll fall by the wayside come Feb 1st. So here I am – with this blog post – to make sure that doesn’t happen! To me, I mean. You can do whatever the fuck you want.

Do you think I grew up dreaming of curly letters? No — I randomly saw some nice calligraphy on a wedding invitation while I was Pinterest-ing my hypothetical (SUPER hypothetical) wedding and thought yeah, I could give that a bash! With new hobbies, it’s all about catching yourself on impulse and jumping in. If you had a passion for it, you would have started before now. Take the chance, and let that passion grow as you learn!

OK, so you’ve bought the book, the practice pad, the inks and the nibs. You’ve even started a Pinterest board and looked up some YouTube tutorials. Remind yourself that there’s not a time limit on it… whether it takes you a week or six to master the ‘S’ (s has got to be the tricky one, right?), go at your own pace. Just. Go.

Whatever you’ve decided to introduce into your life, it’s eating up time from elsewhere in your routine. The effect it has on your usual day could be small or significant, but something will inevitably feel the ripple. Don’t let your usual routine push it out, and don’t let your lack of confidence or motivation use it as an excuse to stop. They say it takes 90 days to overcome an addiction, and only 30 days to conquer a new hobby. I know which I’d rather try.

I think we’re conditioned to set ourselves up for failure, even if it’s doing something that we’ve introduced into our lives with no outside coercion or agenda. Who says we can’t try something new on a whim and find our calling in life? We might fail — even the baddest of bitches fail sometimes. And that’s OK. Challenge yourself, and there may just be a reward waiting for you at the other side.


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