5 Ways To Feel Like You’re Winning At Life

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By Riley.

“Don’t let life get you down. Learn how to dance in the rain. Live your best life.”
Well y’know what? Sometimes it can feel like life is gunning for you and it can make the team here at Jaded a lil’ frosty. Here’s our top tips to score some small wins when the universe is being a bitch…

Create a checklist
Every morning – even on weekends. It’s bordering on ridiculous how much more productive I am/how accomplished I feel when I can look at a completed list at the end of the day. Sure, some days it won’t get any more serious than ‘send Carol follow up email’ or ‘throw out that growing cheese, you shit adult’ — but that’s OK. Winning at life tip: add something to the list that you completed yesterday and tick that bad boy off straight away to get you started.

Get fat, buy new shit.
“Fitness is a lifestyle.” “No pain no gain” Sorry but, my health is my wealth doesn’t apply here. I spend more money than I care to mention on gym gear that I inevitably wear around the house, and protein bars that only fall on deaf ears love handles. Calculate your annual gym membership cost and put that money away for something else in 12 months’ time. Fat or thin, you get a prize at the end of it. EVERYBODY WINS.

Find a new love
No, don’t bin your boyfriend (unless he’s a prick). Find a book, a podcast, a band… anything that makes you tune in to your brain and tune out of the wider world. Brains are where worries grow and doubt festers and fear impedes. Taking yourself out of it every once in a while lets you appreciate things so much more when you check back in.

Try power posing
Disclaimer: I got this from Grey’s Anatomy. But it’s a researched, tried and tested, someone’s done a bloody Ted Talk on it, real thing! Two minutes in the power pose can help to increase confidence, decrease self-doubt and make you S-L-A-Y. So shoulders back, hands on hips, and puff that chest out. BECAUSE YOU ARE WONDER WOMAN, CIRCA KIMMY K 2008.

Scrub up, hun.
Whether it’s a bit of fake tan, tweezing your brows, buying a new lippy, buying new tits… treat yourself to some TLC that you can see. I’m not saying it’ll rid you of all of life’s bullshit, but if you look in the mirror and think you’re looking fly, who’s gonna stop you?!

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