Red Carpet Round-up: Met Gala 2018

By Elle.

I haven’t done one of these posts for aaages because red carpet attire of late has been dull AF. If I don’t feel an immediate urge to type out my feelings, then I refuse to pull proverbial teeth over crap outfits. Surely the Met Gala won’t let me down…?

Each look is scored out of 10 on a) strength of urge to type out my feelings b) embodiment of the theme; Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and Catholic Imagination. Dreamy.

Embed from Getty Images

My Rihanna obsession means she could wear anything and I’d offer my undying approval, but this really is good. If I was being super-picky, I’d say that I expected more from her beauty look given the noise her Fenty range is making RN. And the shoes need to be more dramatic – this is where a pair of Alexander McQueen hoof platforms would’ve been perfection.

Riri scores a) 8 and b) 9.

Janelle Monae
Embed from Getty Images

Now, this is a lewk. It embodies the theme while staying true to her own personal style – and manages to look stunning to boot. Her skin is utter perfection.

Score: a) 8 b) 8.

Embed from Getty Images

Kim’s efforts last year were woefully disappointing so this is a much welcomed return to form. Let’s face it, she’s never gonna go all-out conceptual couture, so although this could be a little more exciting, she looks banging, and true to brand.
Score: a) 8 and b) 6.

Embed from Getty Images
The styling is what makes this look. The dress is beautiful but pretty obvious really, so the hair and makeup upgrades it and gives it that trademark JLo slick & sexy look. As do the shoes, which Rihanna should take note on.
Score: a) 8 and b) 8.

Cardi B

Embed from Getty ImagesThis look screams bow down, bitches. For her first Met Gala experience, Cardi went all out, hooked up with a designer who’s perfectly matched with her ethos, and even nailed dressing a baby bump to boot. Time to sack off Fashionova, Hun.

Score: a) 9 and b) 9.

Diane Kruger

Embed from Getty Images

Diane’s appearance seemed to almost go unnoticed – I only spotted her once I was about 657 outfits deep, but I’m delighted I did. This is so pretty and so effortless. She rarely disappoints me. Except for when she broke up with Pacey.

Score: a) 7 b) 5.

Olivia Munn

Embed from Getty Images
I think this might be my favourite…which is unexpected as I can’t say Olivia is usual on my fashion radar. I’m not even wild about the dress as a standalone piece but combined with the hair, make-up and headpiece, I’m finding it quite breathtaking. She looks ethereal.

The Letdowns…

No tea, no shade, but….
Wtf Amal, seriously. You’ve let us all down, but worst of all you’ve let yourself down. Luckily you’re still clever and pretty.
Embed from Getty Images

George knows.

Embed from Getty Images



Embed from Getty Images

I wish she’d just relax and be herself. She’s turning into a Kim caricature – she should’ve gone for something far younger and fresher. Maybe Kim vetoes anything nice.

Who was your fave when you debated with your colleagues over the Daily Mail this morning? Do share.

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