Why I’m Bird Boxing My Way Through 2019

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By Rachael.

My year hasn’t got off to the best start, so I’m considering Bird Boxing the shit out of the next 343 days. I’m not looking anymore. If it’s not within reaching distance, it’s not relevant to me. If I can’t see it, it can’t kill me.

I can already hear an angry mob of bullet journalers planning my demise. Overly-efficient (while masking some sort of disturbing personality disorder/drug habit… probably) lifestyle bloggers with book deals will curse my name. Marie Kondo will get wasted one night and slip into my DMs to troll me, damning me to a life void of joy and full of the messy chaos I’ve brought upon myself. But y’know what? Having it all figured out ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. Sure, I can see the value in setting goals and working towards them, but could there be even more value in letting go and just… seeing what happens?

Think of every bad thing that happened to you this past year; would you have wanted to see that coming? The sociopaths among us may say yes (welcome, sociopaths – here at Jaded we do not judge), but most would agree that we wouldn’t. Now think of every good thing that happened — would they have sparked as much happiness had you been given prior notice? There’s something exciting about the unknown — something our generation has lost in a fog of anxiety. Between upload schedules and gym classes and ‘ladies night’ and working hours and ‘me time’ and long term goals and short term goals and bucket lists — we’re leaving very little time to just live. Live with no agenda or expectation, or with any vulnerability. Take Bird Box as a concept. Something about it kept us all hooked to our TVs as we watched, let’s be real, strangers walking around blindfolded for two hours. No more, no less. Is the inability to know what’s in front of us – until the very moment it actually is – really that terrifying?

Last year, life threw me a curveball, a curvebrick, and a curve-fucking-steam train. But this isn’t a pity party — it’s a reminder to roll with the punches. Trust chance. Trust yourself to navigate through life one moment, one day at a time. I’m finishing this post with a Dalai Lama quote, cos I’m deep as fuck and ready for my #journey:

“An eye for an eye….we are all blind”

I have no idea what it means but… seemed fitting? Blindfold up, bitches! Let’s do this.

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