We owe you an apology…


Was March really the last time we posted here? That’s kind of a perfect way to reintroduce ourselves to the internet… we’re hot messes. The bad boy of the blogging world. We have real commitment issues and sometimes we’ll come at you with 5 nights of consistent literary genius then BOOM — we won’t call you back for months.

Seasons have passed since our last entries, so here’s a breakdown of who we are and what you can expect here…

Life can be shit.
Right? We’re here to embrace that fact and face the shit stuff head on rather than twist it into some sort of meaningful life lesson, or throw some Pinterest quotes at it until we feel better. Sometimes life tears you a new arsehole — but we’re fully loaded with sarcasm and wit to make it that bit more bearable.

We don’t go on press trips.
OK, the last time we went on a press trip was to Paris, but it wasn’t exactly for a Chanel show. The best you’ll get from us in terms of #travelinspo is the panic holiday we can’t afford that we booked one bored Wednesday afternoon after a bollocking from the big boss… or an itison weekend away at a spa hotel that hasn’t seen a clean bath robe since 1987.

Embed from Getty Images
“You’re missing deadlines left right and centre, Joan. You’re a fucking mess.”

We don’t get sent free stuff.
Yup, no #gifted round these parts. We will tell you what we accidently spent £54.87 on at Boots during our lunch break though. We’re also perpetually skint, so if luxe bloggers are more your (Dior saddle) bag, this aint the place for you, hun.

We have a laugh.
If you’re anything like us, a group chat can go from dormant to firing off 200 notifications in the space of fifteen minutes. Consider this a massive Whatsapp group chat. Just us, you, and our three wordpress followers from Russia. Nothing is off limits! We’ll talk careers, frenemies, interiors and everything in between. Usually served up with a salty gif.

In a nutshell, we’re the un-influencer. No shade to actual influencers – we still wanna know which green sofa they ended up buying.  We just can’t compete with that type of content. There’s no curated feed or hashtag no filter behind-the-scene moments here, just bits of our day-to-day life that we want to share — be it Lou’s latest skincare obsession, conversational pieces on stuff we’re getting fired up about, or Rach’s frantic medical googling over her latest symptom (she’s technically died four times now).



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