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For whatever reason, you’ve made some questionable life choices that have led you here, to our blog. Luckily for you, we were expecting you.

Still a little unsure if you really wanna sit with us? See how many of the below statements ring true…

  • You eat family-sized bags of chocolate nuts while scrolling through bikini shots of Emily Ratajowfhybbdihudiski on Instagram.
  • Your creative endeavours know no bounds. There’s the three chapters of that book you started when you were 19, the food blog you last updated in 2012, and you know how to order a large glass of wine in three and a half languages (the exaggerated hand gestures take care of the rest).
  • You’re a strong, independent woman who, like, probably doesn’t even want to get married, but has a secret Pinterest board of engagement rings.
  • Gym vs. Caffeine vs. Fasting vs. Sugar vs. Avocado vs. Pizza.
  • It always comes back to cheese.

Still with us? It’s about time we introduced ourselves. We are three friends – Elle, Riley and Emilie – who have decided to share ourselves with the Internet. So, for better or worse, you’ll get to know us better with each new post.

Enjoy, bishes!