About Us

We are Jaded – two 30-something friends (over)sharing our thoughts on life.

Recently made redundant and left wondering ‘what now?’, this is a safe haven for those of you with influencer-fatigue. We can promise there will be no all-expenses paid trips to Tahiti for toothpaste launches (unless we’re, y’know, offered them… @colgate).

Our vibe is more about Googling deadly rare big toe diseases that begin with a sneeze, WhatsApp counselling sessions (pls swear our dog won’t die getting his teeth cleaned at the vets?), and facing most life crises by hitting up the candle aisle at TK Maxx.

Jaded is a space for respite and self-acceptance – if influencers are Mexico, we’re a staycation (they’re cool now, right?). It’s cosy, Netflix plays in the background, and there’s always cheese…

We’re Rach and Lou, and we’re bringing reality back – the good, bad and downright dull. Because we’ve lived it – infuriating jobs, depression curveballs, lactose intolerance (remember we like cheese)… But those things led to lifelong friends, a new outlook on life and discovering coconut milk. What we’re saying is – it’s ok to feel jaded…We’re here to show you why.